27 March 2017
Intercontinental Doha, Doha, Qatar

Suja Pramod Kumar

Design Manager, Architecture and Sustainability

9:20 AM PANEL DEBATE: Advancing green buildings in the Middle East: Discussing design strategies to maximise building envelope performance

More attention is being given to the performance of façades and the significant role they can play in improving a building’s thermal efficiency. A thoughtfully designed façade can make a new building work more effectively for its owners, occupants and environment as well as transform the performance of an existing building. Are you relying on building codes more than performance? This panel discusses effective design strategies and materials that enhance
the building’s performance.

4:20 PM PANEL DEBATE: Creating architecturally-impressive sports stadiums through façade design

Stadium façade design has become an important interest for architects in Qatar. Whilst they recognise the importance to deliver an impressive façade design that delivers a comfortable experience to fans and players alike, it doesn’t come without its challenges. This panel discusses how to create innovative façade designs as well as demonstrating how to incorporate cooling technologies to ensure comfort of occupants and to maximise the venue’s potential for legacy use.

4:50 PM PANEL DEBATE: Façade innovation: Opportunities for Qatar’s construction sector

Some would argue that the façade industry has changed over the last decades with components being assembled more innovatively. Architectural tools have become more sophisticated and are enabling engineers to achieve more and more complex 3D designs and forcing them to stay ahead of the game. This panel discussion will discuss cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to develop architectural statements.

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